SoundEar Wall Mounted Sound Meter Review

SoundEar Fitness Studio Sound Noise Meter

SoundEar is a wall mounted sound meter for a fitness club or studio. The device gives a visual indication of the decibel level of the music being played by the Instructor.

I had a chance to watch an Indoor Cycling Instructor interact with the SoundEar yesterday and I found it very interesting how she would make small adjustments to her iPod’s volume controls if she noticed her music was causing the red light to flash.

The volume level that triggers the green/yellow/red lights can be set by the user. The club had a notice posted that explained the SoundEar Sound Meter’s purpose was to protect the participant’s and Instructor’s hearing. They have the maximum volume (turns red) set at 85dB. I’m not sure that you need to keep your music quite that low, but at 85dB I didn’t find myself wanting to yell out “turn it up!”

SoundEar Fitness Studio Sound Noise Meter dB Adjustment

Thumb wheel adjusts sound level settings

IDEA has published an article where they suggest that your music volume shouldn’t exceed 90¬†decibels and when you add your voice using a microphone the combined sound level¬†shouldn’t go over 100dB total.

So with the SoundEar you would set the maximum level at 100dB and turn up the music until the yellow light displays and when you give a cue it briefly goes to red.

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